Clarity Ignition

Energetic & Emotional Reading & Healing

Imagine understanding what is binding you, and being able to get “unstuck”. Once you clear the energetic clutter around you, better opportunities enter in your field and in your life. 

I will connect with your energy and via an intuitive psychic reading I will give you insights and clarity about your energetic and emotional make-up (currently present or taken up in the past), illuminating your blind spots, frustrations, and helping you find clues about how and/or why these limitations show up in your life. We will work together to shift them through the spiritual healing mediumship portion of the session.

To conclude the session I will give you an “energetic prescription”, exercises to continue the healing process on your own.

You will receive as well a recording of your session.

60 min via Zoom       $150

Soul Brilliance Reactivation

Soul Reading, Connection with your inner wisdom & Spiritual Coaching

This unique experience is designed to provide you with guidance from your Soul, to start trusting your inner wisdom, and receive answers to your life challenges from a place of truth and clarity, via a multi-layer process.

  • The session will start with a reading of the main energetic signature of your Soul Plan, to gain a higher perspective about talents and potential you hold and your direction at the moment.
  • I will then guide you through a re-activation of your Soul Brilliance, a process of re-connection with your Soul and intuitive self. Imagine lighting a match to illuminate your path to be able to receive the answers you need in your day-to-day life.
  • We will then embark in your Soul searching and exploration. I will facilitate a deep inquiry so that your emotions can untangle and leave space for your Soul to dialogue and communicate with you, an embodied process in which your body and mind will participate as well. We will work together to bring through you all the right answers your higher guidance can provide you to take your best life decisions. You can receive powerful guidance to recuperate self-esteem and increase your confidence, drop confusion about which direction to take in life, or about issues in your personal or professional life. We can agree at the beginning of the session to work on a particular theme or concern of your choice, or we can let the session unfold so that your Soul can lead you to find answers to something important for you at the present moment.
  • You will then receive Spiritual Coaching to discuss together what emerged and how it can be applied to your life, and to start following your intuition and the leads from your heart and Soul in a more consistent way. At the end of the session, I may give you additional insights on how to continue the Soul exploration on your own.

Single session  – 75 min via Zoom  $155  

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Series of 3 (for deeper work, to be used within 2 months from purchase)  –  3x 75 min via Zoom  $444 

Pay the package and contact me to schedule dates

Nervous system Rewiring

Embodied processing of emotions to open up to an abundant life

Many times we would like to manifest more abundance and work with tools and techniques to get us aligned to improve our finances, get more professional opportunities, better an existing or create a new loving relationship. But nothing happens for us…We need our nervous system to feel safe and our subconscious believes to align with what we want.

Trauma, anxiety, stress and past issues are stored in our bodies. Deliberately focusing on feeling emotions in our bodies, rather than processing them through a rational/analytical approach, will bring healing and changes in the way we manifest.

These therapeutic trauma-and Somatic Experiencing informed sessions will assist you with resetting the nervous system through an embodied practice, mindful awareness, breath work and deep relaxation. They want to provide you with a nurturing and supportive environment to find your balance through compassion and understanding.

They are completely personalized for you and we will work together to meet your body where it is at. Your goal may be to alleviate chronic conditions, reconcile and/or let go of distressing emotions or echoes of traumatic experiences, or to encourage life shifts to progress further on your path. 

60 min via Zoom    $85

Illuminating your Path Forward

Spiritual Coaching and/or Personal Evolution Mentoring- Chat & Support

Get clarity and guidance through personalized sessions which can entail just Spiritual Coaching or Personal/Life Evolution Mentoring, or a blending of the two, depending on your needs.

Mentoring will help you to navigate issues in your personal or professional life, and can be a formidable way to keep working with me and deepen the relationship with yourself if you had already a Clarity Ignition or a Soul Brilliance Reactivation session.

Spiritual coaching is for those

  • feeling a spiritual pull towards life but are not sure how to move forward
  • interested to learn how to follow more their intuition
  • interested to open up more their spiritual gifts or wanting to connect with the guidance provided by the spirit realm

You will walk away with a clearer understanding about your questions, and with suggestions and tips about how to move forward.

Single session schedule below – 50 min via Zoom  $105 

Series of 3 (for deeper work, to be used within 2 months from purchase) pay here and contact me to schedule dates –  3x 50 min via Zoom  $ 300  

Soul Coaching in your Pocket

VIP Support to add to any other Service you booked with me

One week direct access via messaging system (Mon-Fri, will make every effort to go back to you within 24h)

We will co-create the reality of your new day-to-day life through practical assistance.

After the purchase, I will be in contact with you within 48h to arrange for the service start date.


Multidimensional Healing

The session does not focus on a specific intention, as you will receive the exact kind and amount of high vibration healing frequencies to assist you to actualize the positive shifts needed for you at the present time.

You will receive Reiki at first to re-balance your energy flow.

I will then be a conduit for mediumship Spiritual healing, working in concert with my spiritual team.

The results are quicker and go deeper than a traditional Reiki session, because besides acting on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level, you will receive any frequency your Soul needs to be activated and upgraded on a spiritual level.

You may expect to release outdated believes & habits, unconscious energetic & emotional patterns that usually hold us back, receive healing and process trauma embedded in the emotional and energetic fields, step up towards higher levels of consciousness and higher vibratory states, expand your consciousness to navigate through life effortlessly. On a physical level, this healing can help to relieve pain and ailments, on a mental one, it can induce relaxation and lessen stress and fatigue.

Being a very high-vibrational energy that raises your vibrational frequency, at times it may not be physically felt as Reiki.

The healing will continue for a few days after our session ended.

Please note:

  • Energy has no boundaries of time and space, thus remote healing is the perfect option when travel is not possible. Sessions are conducted from the comfort of your own space and can be as effective as in person sessions even though I am not physically present with you. 
  • I will not give you messages at the end of the session. Each intention (healing and reading) is separate and holds its power exactly because of that focused intention.

40 min via Zoom or absent healing      $80

Eden Energy Medicine

In person only

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) utilizes techniques and concepts from time-honored traditions such as meridian acupressure (acupuncture without the needles), kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, energy psychology, etc. as well as techniques developed by Donna Eden in the 1970s.

With EEM, your body’s own energies are cleared, balanced, re-patterned, and brought into a healthier flow in order to

  • increase your vitality and resiliency
  • enhance your mental clarity and productivity
  • optimize your health reducing fatigue, pain, anxiety, stress
  • find relief to an ache or pain
  • decrease side effects of conventional medical therapies and procedures,
  • induce relaxation,
  • boost your happiness
  • support your immune system

While other modalities address the body’s energies in general, or just a particular system (like clearing just chakras or auras), the Eden Method works with your nine energy systems.

It also empowers you on your own healing journey as you will be taught simple exercises and techniques that take only a few minutes per day to help you build and maintain new energetic paths in your systems.

First session close to 90 min  $120

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Following sessions 60 min  $120