Inner Brilliance Revolution

Is that you?

♦ You feel stuck, indecisive, confused, or overwhelmed, as you feel that something is constantly blocking you

♦ You feel like living someone’s else life, or a dull and ordinary life made of obligations, chores that no longer excites you

♦ You cannot move forward and may blame yourself for lacking the courage, confidence and consistency to make positive changes in life

♦ You are spiritually conscious and even though you have done a good deal of inner work, tried many healing modalities, specialists, practitioners, had a million sessions, you still get modest, short term and scattered results

♦ You are trying to develop your spiritual side, but you did get find difficult to listen to your inner guidance


How would it feel to…

Stop questioning yourself and stop worrying what others are thinking of you, or looking for other’s approval, especially when it comes to showing the world your spiritual side

Trust yourself and be confident you are always choosing the best possible path available to you

♦Accelerate and deepen your spiritual development to bring your inner power and a strong presence to life

♦Excavate and crush the self-doubt, fears, motives and obstacles keeping you small

♦Be constantly guided by your Inner Brilliance, the light and force within your Soul, to access joy in your life

♦Acquire spiritual resilience, to feel centered, faithful and calm navigating life even in unsettling circumstances


Work with me if you are ready to jumpstart an effective and deep spiritual transformation to uncover the inner power of your Soul to see tangible results and become LEADER in all aspects of your life.
Through my Program you will

Access your inner dimension and become aware of the great wisdom you hold in your Soul

Deepen the connection and communication with your Soul to devise your own ways to resolve issues and get loving relationships, real connections, material abundance, better health, and a confident attitude towards life

Integrate in practical ways the insights coming from your inner wisdom and intuition in your day-to-day life

Get expert guidance to apply the new habits with consistency, so that being in contact with your Soul becomes like a second nature

Develop a consistent dialogue with your spiritual self, which will serve and enhance all aspects of your physical life


Why my Program is different?


Through my Program you will learn to connect with your Soul at a deeper level and integrate your spiritual dimension into your daily life, live more intuitively and develop a sensitivity for energies that will stay with you forever, and on which you can build on for your further development.


My Program is experiential. Meaning I will not teach you through a series of classes (live or recorded), trainings, or give you a list of general tools and techniques everyone else is using. My intuitive coaching is personalized to your way of learning and experiencing awareness, and working together I will guide you to embody the insights coming from your Soul to take action in your life.


Why this Program works?

I developed activations, practical exercises and a process with a structured, sound, sequential and practical 5-steps framework to delve deeper into your spiritual dimension. 

Through my process you will gain “spiritual awareness” about your Soul presence, learn to access its language and guidance, and be able to merge your spiritual side with your physical reality in a way that is adapted to your sensitivity, for a long-lasting transformation. This new “spiritual proficiency” will result in better relationships, more satisfaction at work, improved health. In essence, living a more joyous and satisfactory life.


Important: this Program is for you if you have already some knowledge of spiritual concepts and want to elevate the communication with your Soul, Inner Brilliance or power, and Intuition to the next level.


What is included:
  • One initial 30 (if you worked previously with me) or 60 min Awake your Soul Brilliance- Audit and Strategy session (via Zoom)

Initial laser focused assessment to map which stage of consciousness and which level of spiritual awareness constitute your baseline for the Program, and strategic insights about how to overcome the blocks on your path through the Program

  • Ten bi-weekly 60-75 minute Awake your Soul Brilliance Sessions with powerful activities and energetic practices I personally developed (via Zoom)
  • Four powerful Soul Brilliance Activation recordings, to awaken and amplify the ability to access your inner spiritual dimension
  • Daily access (Mon-Fri) to me to guide and support you how to interpret and integrate the language of your Soul in your life, and align your inner shifts to your outer world in real time.

About 5 month working closely with me at $2,200 (includes two personalized bonuses).

As I am very dedicated to each of my client’s journey, I periodically release only a few slots to get into my signature Program.

Contact me HERE to submit your Application.