Hello Brilliant Soul!

How is life sailing?

Researcher of life here. Both in the traditional way through science and medicine, and a “seeker”, energy doctor and investigator of the soul.

Since I was a child I was very intuitive, being able to “read” into people and situations. I could understand the reasons, and sometimes fears, motivating people to act in a certain way and see clearly what they could have done to get out of troubles.

But… I choose to completely ignore the nudges of my own intuition while letting the logical part of my brain to lead my life, and to conform and live a more conventional life to fit. I was convinced -like many- that I had little power to change the course of my life.

Although I was finally able to impact the life of many through my research and teaching, I had the tremendous opportunity to develop in leadership roles, I had a good life…

yet something was missing.

I was pushing through life, and often I would feel like swimming against the current.

I used to be a high-achieving professional, who was defining her own worth on the basis of her accomplishments, and used to live an unbalanced and unfulfilling life to the point of experiencing burnout.

Thankfully, over course of many years I naturally went through a gradual and deep process of research, self-discovery, healing and transformation, which led me to unravel my inner calling. I was brought in resonance with the invisible realm of energies, and finally experienced first-hand that we are surrounded by much more than what meet the eyes.

When I stopped following other’s standards and started to be present and show up authentically to my life, and listen to the voice of my soul following my intuition and inner wisdom, a new world opened up under my eyes.

Other fundamental pieces of my own spiritual growth were to become certified in different healing modalities, to formally train and develop my intuitive gifts as a psychic, and unfold my ability to connect with the spirit realm as a medium. I started to apply practical ways to actually feel and dialogue with my own Soul in my day-to day activities. A piece I have been committed to include in my services and therapeutic approach to people’s transformation, which definitely sets me a part from other holistic healing and spiritual approaches you can come in contact with.

As a matter of fact, the greatest revelation has been understanding through my own experience that perceiving our lives only through the lens of the physical world, will always bring up the feeling something is missing.
If we do not recognize, accept and live from both our physical and soulful spiritual & heart-led dimensions, integrating them with mental and emotional wellbeing, nothing will ever change for us.

The best part of my journey has been discovering my true purpose and passion in life: using my talent and knowledge acquired through many years of training, study and personal experience, to illuminate others’ path and inspire and guide them on their own healing journey.

I use my skills to see through your Soul to unravel unconscious and energetic patterns that brought you where you are today, and then I hold you in my safe, nurturing and compassionate space to give you clarity and solutions to your fears, worries, confusion, loneliness, and sense of dissatisfaction.

To be the catalyst for your life’s transformation, to empower you reclaim a joyful, meaningful, deeply satisfying and uncomplicated life.

As I want for you to start living your best, expansive, vibrant and fulfilling life that transcends the ordinary physical world. NOW.

Trainings and Credentials

This is just a sample of practices I blend in an innovative and powerful way:

  • Science-backed holistic health modalities: therapeutic yoga, somatic & embodiment practices for emotional exploration and trauma release, trauma-informed practices for nervous system recovery, breath work, meditation and mindfulness, approaches for mind-body health and stress reduction, visualization, shadow work
  • Mindset and personalized life mentoring
  • Advanced energy management approaches
  • Novel soul work techniques adapted from ancient spiritual traditions
  • Spiritual coaching & intuitive skills development

coupled with my own strong intuitive abilities, energy and personality to give you an all-inclusive approach for Mind, Body & Soul.

My promise: I will provide you with grounded kindness, solid and safe presence (and though love at times!), propelling you to take inspired and successful actions. You can expect OUR work together to be deeply healing and profoundly transformational.

Traditional/Allopathic Medicine

  • PharmD from the university of Rome, IT
  • PhD in Pharmacology and Experimental Oncology from the University of Ferrara, IT
  • Biotechnology Project Management certified via the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
  • Immuno-Oncology certified at Harvard Medical School
  • Former Research Scientist in Medicine at Harvard, MGH and MIT

Complementary, Holistic & Spiritual disciplines

  • 200h Yoga Teacher, certified in Restorative; Trauma-Inclusive; Trauma-Informed therapeutic Yoga
  • Trauma-informed coaching certified
  • Usui Reiki Master certified
  • Blue-e Advanced Practitioner certified
  • Eden Energy Medicine practitioner certified
  • Medical Intuitive certified
  • Formal training and development in spiritual, psychic and mediumship disciplines through mentoring with outstanding European Mediums of the Arthur Findlay College of England (the world’s foremost college for the advancement of Psychic Sciences)