Empowering spiritually conscious women to become leaders of a joyful, meaningful, deeply satisfying and uncomplicated life

Discover your Inner Brilliance and ignite your day-to-day life with zest and purpose

You are a woman meant for more in life….

Inside of you lies quiescent a woman ready to experience consistent joy, and tired of living in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety, fears, loneliness and confusion.

She is eager to explore and finally use her talents to better the world, and wants to feel a deep sense of fulfillment and a renewed sense of purpose.

She is aspiring to be free from the outer expectations and conditionings of achieving more, doing more, pushing more, in order to be appreciated or recognized. She is ready to say goodbye to everything and everyone keeping her small and stuck where she is.

She is craving to cultivate her passions and she is no longer willing to put herself and her desires on hold.

She is longing to reconnect with her own emotions, intuitive self and body’s wisdom, as for too long she had been forced to suffocate them, feeling a sense of emptiness, unable to open to life experiences.

She is yearning to connect more deeply and authentically with others, as she is tired of shallow and empty relationships.

Are you this woman?

If you feel the urge to birth this new version of yourself, you need to reclaim back the connection with the most authentic, pure, honest version of you.

I will guide you to get back in charge of your own choices, experience joy every day, feeling resilient, strong and vibrant even in though moments.

Hi I’m Gaia,
welcome into my world!

I love to take long walks in nature, travel to explore new places and cultures, and celebrate every day the expansive and courageous woman I became.

I am an Intuitive, Life Evolution Mentor & Soul Coach, who specializes in in practices for mind-body balance, energy healing, spiritual awareness and personal development.

I held for decades successful leadership positions, both in academia and in the corporate space. This sharpened my resiliency, molded my ability to be goal oriented and organized. All attributes I bring in my pragmatic and down-to earth approach of working with people.

But as I was attaching my sense of worth to the notion others had about me, measuring my value by my professional achievements and forgetting my intuitive gifts and spiritual side, I was feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction and constant ager and frustration. But I knew I was much more than that…

My deeper calling has always been to improve people’s life. Through my life-long personal experiences I could recover my beautiful intuitive abilities I had once left behind, reconnect with what I now call my own Inner Brilliance, and I am thrilled to bring the same discovery and transformation to you.

I am passionate to empower spiritually conscious & heart-centered women, leaders, influential change-makers, and professionals to change their lives, guiding them on their journey of personal evolution.

Whether the change you are seeking is in your career or business, or in your relationships, or personal development I empower you to be a Leader in ALL aspects of your life, establishing a life-long rapport with your inner power, to live a more joyful, balanced, uncomplicated and deeply satisfying life you are deeply in love with.

Being aware of your Inner Brilliance is being aware of your unique and unwavering inner energy moving through you,
gushing out and propelling you to act, show up in the world and lead your life with vibrancy and confidence.

How would it feel to thrive in your work life, transmute old traumas, see your relationships flourish,
and manifest enhanced abundance in your life?

Work with me if you

Are ready to overcome physical pain, mental exhaustion or limitations, transform emotional drain
or energetic blocks, to fall in love again with your own life

Are determined to accept, embrace and harmonize all aspects of yourself, and to deepen your spiritual awareness

Are committed to be a Leader in all aspects of your life (business, finance, relationship), regain confidence in yourself
and allow your inner strength and personal power to take center stage in your life,
letting your Inner Brilliance shine through to illuminate other people’s life.

My ideal clients are starting their healing journey aware they have the power to change their lives if something does not feel right and aligned with the person they can become, motivated to follow my guidance and determined to put in the work to see tangible results.

Why my methodology is different?

I do not just combine together different healing modalities, as to me this approach scratches the surface
of the transformation you can experience, and very often brings about just temporary changes.

Results may be inconsistent, and you can spend a lot of time, energy and money with little results.
Why wait and waste your resources if you can have your best life now?

I explored and distilled unique and effective ways
to amplify the quality of my life. Through my approach, I have been able to empower safely and effectively many women
burdened, worried, fearful, indecisive, struggling with their self-worth, confused, lacking clarity and directions and dissatisfied with their own lives.

That led me to develop my unique and powerful “Awaken your Inner Brilliance (AIB)”™ methodology.

My approach goes deeper and it is structured in a way that delivers results. It is nothing like you have experienced before as and I advise, mentor and coach you to ultimately feel and commune with your own Soul and intuition, to experience how your physical life can be enhanced in a tangible way by owning your inner strength, power and confidence.

The length of the journey, and of course the depth of your transformation, will depend upon
the level of commitment and dedication to yourself.

I created a unique selection of ways you can work with me to “Awaken your Inner Brilliance”.

Follow the steps in the suggested order, or chose the service that better aligns with your own needs.

with me

Book a free 20 min consultation with me to discuss your needs, which service may be more appropriate for you and to determine if we can work together

Reveal &

To the point guidance to get clarity, awareness and healing to support most pressing life issues

Deepen & Anchor

Start freeing yourself from patterns that keep repeating in your life, working with me for a longer journey

Revolutionize & Shine

My exclusive private high-end signature Program applying the AIB methodology, for a deeper and long lasting transformation